The Dream

At Brand Collective, we bring brands to life! This is something we continue to strive towards with our iconic stable of brands including Superdry, Clarks, Hush Puppies, Volley, Julius Marlow, Mossimo, Elwood, Elka Collective, Grosby & Sachi. We continue to innovate and look for opportunities in the marketplace where we can meet the needs of the consumer – that has meant that over the last 18 months we have grown our own brands and even developed new brands, including Hammersmith and Elwood Workwear, both developed from the grassroots level and now sold around Australia.
Our people ask questions. They think outside the box. They ask how we can continue to do things better. They make no apologies for cutting through red-tape and they believe in the greatness of the rewards that can be reaped from working together. These are the kinds of people that we look for when we bring new talent in to our business.
The task that lay ahead is to continue to transform. To disrupt. To innovate. Not just with our products, but with the way we interact with and excite our customers. The most important connection between our customers and our business happens within our retail stores and between our customers and our retail staff. With a retail network currently sitting at over 125 stores, including a mixture of standalone stores and concession stores, Brand Collective knows that the real prize lay with not only meeting our customer’s needs and expectations, but exceeding them.
Brand Collective – bringing brands to life!

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Our History

We may be young, but boy we be mighty!
While our company may be young, our brands have a rich and iconic history. Each of our brands tells a unique story. From the beaches of Los Angeles to the streets of Melbourne, our brands and products have inspired customers and businesses around the world.
Our Shoes & Sox brand has a lengthy 30-year history and is a name synonymous with service excellence in children’s footwear. Hush Puppies continues to be a name synonymous with comfort, and brands like Superdry and Volley continue to inspire and excite our customers!
Prior to December 2014, Brand Collective was a division of Pacific Brands. Since then, Brand Collective has paired with Anchorage Capital Partners and has started to truly conquer the footwear and apparel world with new brands, new concepts and incredible new technology.
In a market that may be viewed as declining, Brand Collective is continuing to grow. We continue to develop new brands, products and open great new stores, all with the objective of meeting the desires of our consumers.

Why work with us

Doesn’t every website have this section? You know the one. That page that lists all the reasons why that particular company is better than the rest.
We aren’t going to do that.
We know that looking out for and after our team is as important as looking after our brand, customers, or suppliers. We know that if our people are happy, they are more empowered to do great things. We know that employees who are set up for success will always give it their all. We know that our employees are our best ambassadors of our products and we want the them to enjoy them. We know that our culture is like no other.
To help you decide if this is the place for you, we will let you reflect on the following questions:
• Are you an inquisitive individual? Do you like to understand how things work?
• Once you do understand how things work, are you motivated to see how you can do them better?
• Is output more important to you than input? Do you believe that time at your desk is meaningless if you aren’t actually contributing?
• Do you look at differences of opinion, or diversity, as an opportunity to learn?
• Do you enjoy working as part of team, and see the fruits of what can be achieved together as being far greater than what you can deliver on your own?
• Do you have a growth mindset and enjoy the prospect of stretching yourself beyond your wildest dreams, or does this scare you?
• Do you enjoy having a job brief, but know that at the end of the day whatever needs doing, you’ll do to ensure the job gets done and the customer is looked after?
Here’s a handy hint: If you answered yes to these questions, we want to hear from you!
Check out our current opportunities page, or set yourself up EOI profile and we will alert you as opportunities arise.
P.S Because we’re sure you’re curious – we also offer wardrobe allowances, amazing discounts, sample sales, learning and development opportunities, flexible working arrangements and a heap more to our employees!

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