Our Supplier Code of Conduct

We have developed a 10-point Code of Conduct which we require all suppliers and manufacturers (including their subcontractors) to read, understand and sign. Our suppliers and manufacturers must ensure that:

  1. Employment is freely chosen with supplier’s and manufacturer’s employees provided with a written legal contract properly negotiated.
  2. Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected.
  3. Working conditions are safe and hygienic.
  4. Employees are aged 16 or older – underage labour is NOT used.
  5. Wages are paid in full at regular intervals in accordance with local Government obligations.
  6. Regular working hours are not more than 48 hours per week and overtime hours do not exceed a further 12 hours per week.
  7. No discrimination is practised based on gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital or pregnancy status.
  8. Regular employment is provided.
  9. No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.
  10. Suppliers must not assign or sub-contract in part or whole any manufacturing.

Our Ethical Sourcing team ensures that our Code of Conduct is understood by all suppliers and manufacturers that we engage with, and importantly any of their subcontractors engaged to produce our product. Our team regularly visits all suppliers and manufacturers to ensure compliance.

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