Hush Puppies

In 1958, the world became a little more relaxed as Hush Puppies designed the first casual shoe. This new alternative – soft, breathable and comfortable footwear – invited the world to break the rules, kick back a little, and enjoy.

From the start, we didn’t just design our shoes to look good. We designed them to feel good. In fact at the time, tired feet were known as “barking dogs”and these soft, lightweight comfortable shoes were the perfect solution to weary feet – to ‘hush’ the ‘puppies’.

Like our lovable basset hound icon we’ve never sat on our laurels. When it comes to putting one foot in front of the other, we refuse to stand still. We study fit and flexibility to ensure your feet have freedom to move.

We develop new and innovative technologies to createshoes that are more lightweight and more comfortable.

Of course, we don’t sacrifice fashion for function. There’s a relaxed, understated style that defines Hush Puppies. A quiet confidence which ensures wherever you arrive, you arrive in comfort and style with Hush Puppies.

We believe that you can both feel good as well as look good which is why we design our range to incorporate on trend styles and shapes.

Project categories: Accessories, Footwear

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