In 1986, noticing the growing popularity of surf and street fashion in California, 20 year old University student Mossimo Giannulli, started making shorts for beach volleyball and peddling them up and down the shore.

Gaining notoriety for it’s humble, grassroots start, Mossimo’s iconic ‘M’ quickly became the symbol of youth culture in California and beyond incorporating elements from the Californian melting pot – surf, sports, urban and street fashion to become a powerful brand with broad international appeal.

In Australia, we’ve taken the Mossimo tradition and rolled with it. It’s now regarded as one of the most respected streetwear brands. With a stable including men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing as well as footwear, underwear and accessories, Mossimo is still relevant more than 25 years on.

Project categories: Accessories, Apparel

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