Volley – The Sole of Australia

Who knew that sliced bread was introduced to Australia in 1939?

Coincidentally that’s also the same year that the Volley brand was first brought to life in the form of a classic tennis shoe.

Inspired by a US Yachting shoe with extreme grip, the renowned herringbone sole was developed by a team of experts.And so the Volley OC (Orthopedically Correct) was born.

The Volley OC became the most heralded sports shoe of its day, worn by tennis greats such as Rosewall, Hoad, Sedgemen, Fraser, Bromich, Goolagong-Cawley, Court and many more.

In 1965 the Volley S.S (Super Sole) was launched. The oxford style shoe featured multiple lacing and open weave uppers for ventilation.

By 1969, the SS shoe was worn by over 90% of players at Wimbledon.

What followed were a series of other shoes – the High Leap, The Player and The Casino.

It wasn’t until 1975, that the Volley International made its debut.

The Volley International marked the introduction of the shoe that we all know and love. Featuring the 3 stripe woven tape around the heel, side quarter panels and injection moulded rubber sole, it has since become the most iconic and popular shoe in the range. When Mark Edmonson won the 1976 Australian Open wearing a pair of Volley Internationals the shoes rose to fame. This historical moment catapulted Volley back into the spotlight.

Roll on to 2011 when the Volley International was resent to its original specifications. At the same time, a number of older styles, lost to the archives, were revamped and re-launched.

Another milestone soon followed when The Volley International was announced as the official casual shoe of the 2012 Australian Olympic Team . Worn by the entire team during the Opening and Closing ceremonies in London, this was a very proud moment in the long history of the brand.

Since its inception, Volley has not only made a significant mark on the Australian sports culture but has been part of the fabric of Australian popular culture too. Favoured by Aussie rock legend Angus Young of ACDC, and indie artist Ben Lee, Volley has always enjoyed a relationship with music and music lovers. The shoes have starred in music videos, TV shows and movies and have reached fashionable heights on the feet of supermodel Miranda Kerr.

Sported by Australians aged from nine to ninety, Volley shoes are worn and loved by tradies, students, hospitality workers, woodchoppers and kids alike.

Never before has there been a shoe with such broad ranging appeal. Volley truly is the quintessential Australian icon.

Volley is the sole of Australia.

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