Environment Impact Management

We value the natural environment and acknowledge the benefits responsible environmental management delivers our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the broader community. Our Environmental Sustainability Policy communicates our commitment to ensuring a sustainable environment through active management of the inputs and outputs of our processes.

Environmental Sustainability Policy – view document here

We always partner with suppliers and manufacturers who:

  • Meet legal obligations in relation to environmental performance
  • Establish objectives, targets and key performance indicators to improve their environmental performance
  • Maintain management systems to plan, document, monitor and review their environmental performance, and
  • Identify and assess and manage the environmental hazards which arise from their activities, products and services.


Our suppliers and manufacturers must employ a system that allows traceability of labour and human rights compliance (including worker’s wages and conditions) throughout their manufacturing process including third party input supplier’s country of origin. We must be able to monitor our supplier and manufacturer’s systems on reasonable notice and do so through our Ethical Sourcing Audit program.

For more information on three key footwear suppliers’ company structure and audit programme – view document here

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