Our Suppliers, some of which have been working with Brand Collective for over 8 years, are a part of the Brand Collective family and are the backbone of our business.

Over the years our growth and the continued needs of our customers have shaped how we source our products and as a net result this has seen our supplier base grow to 65+ suppliers over several regions.

We currently source our products in factories located in Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Spain, Indonesia, India, Laos, Thailand & Vietnam. We are extremely proud of the great relationships we have with each of our suppliers, and continually work closely with them to ensure the environments in which our products are made are safe, fair, sustainable and responsible.

Did you know?

The majority of our factories are located in:

Our top 20 suppliers produce over:
We have over.

 33 factories
across all stages of production.

So we could act responsibly, we wanted to know exactly what was going on within the Brand Collective supply chain, This led to a dedicated focus on traceability. In partnership with our suppliers, we are working towards tracing where and how Brand Collective products are made. You can access our supplier listing here

Brand Collective’s focus on providing transparency has led us to publicly disclose our supplier details on our website. We commenced this in early 2017. Our long-standing relationships with our suppliers, together with open and honest dialogue, has provided us with greater visibility into our supply chain.

 While we’re proud of the work we have carried out to date, we’re on a continuous road to improvement!

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